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Thanks to affordable rates and low labor costs, dropshipping from China to different parts of the world has become quite popular recently. Sellers globally, including Australia, are sourcing products from China to sell locally as it offers a higher profit. However, transporting products internationally is not as simple; you must comply with the local laws and opt for a service that ensures convenience.

Among many different methods, 3rd party-logistics, or 3PL in China, is a preferred supply chain solution for businesses with manufacturing plants or suppliers in China. You can also opt for this option when sourcing and shipping products to Australia from China.

Benefits of Choosing 3PL China

Now, if you wonder why 3PL is better than other options, there could be many reasons for choosing it. The most common benefits of 3PLinclude the following:

No Separate Warehousing

The best part about outsourcing your logistics to a third party for warehousing and transporting is that you do not have to worry about the safety of the products in either country.

The 3PL company manages the warehousing before the consignment leaves the origin country and when it arrives in the origin country, Australia. The warehouses are equipped with all essential facilities with a professional staff to monitor the operations.

Less Inventory Management

Another major benefit of a 3PL company is that you do not have to manage a massive inventory once when transferring products from one place to another. So, you can get as much as you need at one time and order the next batch accordingly; transparent communication with the 3PL in China will make it easy for you to manage inventory without months of stock taking up space in the warehouse.

Less Capital Needed

When you do not have to bring a large batch of products from the supplier to the seller’s country, the capital needed is also not as much. It enables you to invest that money somewhere else you can benefit from.

Possible Concerns when Opting for China 3PL

Collaborating with a 3PL eases the process of transferring goods to save warehousing and inventory costs, but it comes with its set of possible issues and concerns. Two important concerns regarding 3PL delivery from China include:

Slow Delivery

It is no secret that slow delivery is the most common drawback of sourcing products from China. Many sellers prefer locally manufactured products for the same reason, as they believe it is unreasonable to wait weeks for restocking. So, whether you manage logistics independently or onboard a 3PL company, slow delivery could be a big issue.

Inefficient Inventory Management

When you depend too much on the 3PL in China, their slight negligence can harm your business significantly. Poor inventory management is another common issue in 3PL companies sending products from China to other parts of the world. However, an inventory management system can help improve operations and avoid delays.

Moreover, selecting a credible 3PL company like Wefulfil is helpful for smooth logistics. We ensure you achieve the best 3PL support for your business by:

  • Delivery within 5-8 working days by Australia Post (after dispatching)
  • Smart inventory monitoring
  • 24-hour dispatching
  • 60 days free warehousing

How does Wefulfil 3PL from China Work?

Wefulfil is a trusted 3PL company among numerous businesses in Australia sourcing from China because of its reliability and fast delivery. Here’s what you have to do when collaborating with Wefulfil:

1.     Sending the Stock to our Warehouse

When trusting us with your business logistics, all you need to do is send your stock to our warehouse, where we ensure it is placed in a safe environment away from heat and moisture. We take proper responsibility for your goods so they reach the customers in the best shape. Our specially designed warehouses with all the necessary equipment and security measures remove your worry about inventory storage.

2.     Sending the Tracking to your Account Manager

Then, you share the tracking information with your assigned account manager, who oversees your inventory and products. It allows you to relax instead of being on your feet all day wondering how you will cater to all the orders.

3.     Connecting your Listing with Wefulfil

Next, connect your listing with Wefulfil to help us monitor the inventory efficiently, while you stay updated with changes in the inventory.

4.     Manage your Inventory from My Private Inventory Page

Moreover, you can manage your inventory from the “My Private Inventory” page, that allows you to have a thorough look at your complete inventory. You can check the sales and anticipate the need for the next batch from the supplier accordingly.

5.     Restocking according to Sales

When working with Wefulfil, refilling your stock becomes incredibly easy with convenient warehousing and continuous access to your private inventory page. You can track all the sales and restock accordingly.

Placement of 3PL in Supply Chain

3rd-party logistic companies, like Wefulfil, offer significant assistance in managing a growing business, especially when sourcing from another country like China. The company manages pickups, warehousing, packaging, and shipping items to the customers to facilitate deals between the seller and the buyer.

A 3PL’s main goal is to ensure the business logistics run efficiently so the brand can focus on other elements like customer service and scaling. Though you can get an in-house team instead of outsourcing logistics, the latter eliminates the need to monitor every step of the process.

3PL vs. Dropshipping

New business owners may be confused about the difference between 3PL and dropshipping, wondering if they are the same. While Wefulfil offers both services, dropshipping services differ from 3PL.

Dropshipping involves selling goods online without maintaining an inventory. We obtain product images and details from the vendor and add them to your store. When a customer places an order, you forward it to the vendor (or dropshipping company), who dispatches the product to the customer without sending it to you. In dropshipping, you have to trust your supplier or vendor blindly, as you cannot check the products physically. However, supply chain management companies may offer inspection services after batch manufacturing in the origin country.

3PL refers to using a 3rd party logistics company to help you send products from China to Australia and sometimes other operational tasks. The company receives the products in its warehouse with the essential machinery and security measures to keep them safe until the stock lasts. 3PL companies like Wefulfil have warehouses globally, including Australia, enabling you to check your stock anytime. Eventually, you can be sure about the quality of the products you’ve received from the vendor.

Final Words

3PL in China services are among the most popular modes of facilitating business when sourcing goods from China to Australia. 3PL companies transfer goods from the manufacturer or the supplier to their warehouse, keeping them safe until dispatched. Moreover, they also deal with order fulfillment and provide customer support where needed. The best part is that you do not have to worry about storage or fulfillment. 3PL services like Wefulfil help businesses operate smoothly and efficiently.

China 3PL FAQs

How long does a cargo ship take from China to Australia?

On average, sending products from China to Australia via cargo takes 22 to 26 days. While, opting for express delivery can decrease the shipment time, it may increase the overall cost.

What is the difference between a freight forwarding company and a 3PL?

Freight forwarders negotiate and manage shipments between the client and the carrier company using shipping, rail, road, etc. On the other hand, 3PL manages the complete process from picking to warehousing and shipping.

When should you use 3PL?

While 3PL in China is suitable for all kinds of businesses, it is best for medium-sized and large-sized enterprises and growing businesses. You can work on product research and sourcing while the 3PL company manages the rest.

Is Amazon a 3PL company?

Fulfilment by Amazon makes it the 3PL in your dropshipping model as it packages and sends the parcel for your business to the buyers. So, yes, you can get fulfillment or logistic services from Amazon as well.


If you are interested in our China 3PL service to make things easier, drop us a message or visit us at www.wefulfil.com.au

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