4 Australian Marketplaces You Might Miss To Sell On

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Are you experiencing a sales slump on marketplaces like Catch, Kogan, and MyDeals?

You’re not alone!

Many sellers are noticing a significant drop in their traffic on these marketplaces despite trying different strategies and methods to stay in the competition.

Some drop shippers have not recovered from the setback they experienced after COVID-19, while others are struggling with sales because of low purchase power and a declining economy. Whatever the reason might be, low sales are any dropshippers worst nightmare.

Besides low transactions for the time being, a drop in sales also impacts your ranking and visibility in the long run.

So, what should you do in such a situation?

While you can focus on trying unique ways to encourage customers to purchase from you, exploring other avenues is inevitable to boost sales.

Apart from the most popular marketplaces like MyDeals and Kogan, sellers are also opting for other platforms and marketplaces. Thus, we have compiled the best online platforms to sell on.

This article covers the details and numbers regarding top-performing marketplaces in Australia you might miss to sell on.

But before we talk about new marketplaces, what happened to big names like Kogan, Catch, MyDeals, etc.?

Declining sales

Popular Australian Marketplaces and Recent Statistics


Catch has been the fastest-growing e-commerce platform in Australia since 2021. Its monthly traffic reached a whopping 3.6 million users visiting the website for their online shopping needs.

But now the numbers show a significant decline in the monthly traffic, dropping to only 1.3 million.


Kogan is another popular name among dropshippers and buyers in Australia. The platform experienced massive success during the Covid-19 lockdown but has not been the same lately.

From a prominent 2.9 million monthly users engaging in transactions, the platform struggles to maintain 1 million visitors.


The third among declining marketplaces is MyDeal, another previous favorite among Australian buyers. Consumers found it quite promising, with higher expectations after its acquisition by Woolworths.

Like Kogan and Catch, MyDeal also struggles with maintaining its existing user base and bringing in more customers. MyDeal’s monthly traffic has declined to a worrisome 0.5 million users, leading to an alarming situation among sellers.

We understand this situation can be distressing with the thought of “Now what?”

But don’t panic!

The Australian ecommerce landscape is vast and not restricted to three or four options only. There are multiple other marketplaces you can sell on and get back into the business.

Here are five less widely known marketplaces for dropshippers with the potential to bring you customers and boost sales. Pushing the others behind, these platforms are growing and seem promising. Let’s tell you all about them:

4 Australian Marketplaces You Might Miss to Sell on

1.     Myer

The first one among the less popular but equally good Australian marketplaces is Myer. Myer has been going strong since 2020, attracting millions of monthly visitors. Not that the platform has not encountered a decline in traffic, the monthly user count remains around $5 million – more than Catch, Kogan, and MyDeal combined!

2.     Harvey Norman

Harvey Norman is another emerging name gaining popularity among sellers looking to move to other marketplaces. It welcomes 3.4 million monthly users and is encouraging more retailers to join the platform.

3.     Bunnings

If you have not considered Bunnings yet, you might think to yourself, “Why?” after realizing the potential.

This marketplace is the dream platform for any seller who wants to reach the maximum potential customers. Bunnings has a massive 18.8 million monthly traffic, even more than Amazon in Australia; it’s the kind of marketplace you cannot afford to ignore!

4.     Westfield

Westfield is one of the few ecommerce platforms that have not experienced a decline in monthly traffic. The marketplace has maintained steady traffic of 2.4 million since 2020 without any sign of decline.

5.     BestBuyColes

BestBuyColes is the last on the list, but it is a must-mention. While almost all other platforms are experiencing a traffic decline, monthly users on BestBuyColes are rapidly increasing.

How to Sell on Australian Marketplaces like Myer, Bunnings, etc.?

You might think joining these marketplaces would be hard and complicated, but it’s not so!

You can start selling on ecommerce platforms like Myer, Harvey Norman, Bunnings, Westfield, and BestBuyColes with the following:

  • Australian business number
  • Your brand
  • Your stock in Australia

Getting an Australian business number is critical to start selling on these platforms. So, it’s best to get one immediately. Furthermore, like Catch and Kogan, having your own brand is crucial to business success on these platforms as it allows you to differentiate from other sellers. It also protects your products’ rights.

Another important aspect that many people ignore is keeping a stock in Australia. While most people prefer dropshipping directly from Chinese manufacturers, stock-keeping in Australia can help you amp up your game.

It takes 1 to 2 weeks for items to arrive from China to Australia by regular post. At the same time, air courier is fast but costs you an arm and a leg. You can get the best of both worlds by maintaining stock in Australia to offer fast delivery to customers.

This is where Wefulfil can help!

How Wefulfil Helps Establish your Brand?

We provide localized warehousing and fulfillment services to make it easier for you to meet those marketplaces’ requirements and cater to your customers’ needs at the earliest.

In fact, Wefulfil offers a Brand Trial Plan to help you start your brand with a series of products with a minimum quantity of 20 pieces. Remember, diversifying your e-commerce marketplace presence is a proven strategy for e-commerce success.

Wefulfil warehouses in Australia

If one marketplace is experiencing a drop in traffic, others might be on the rise. Thus, diversifying your sales channel is crucial to e-commerce. Furthermore, staying updated on the latest trends and opportunities ensures e-commerce success.

The Australian e-commerce marketplaces are dynamic, and successful sellers must adapt and diversify to survive the declining economy.

Final Takeaway

Many dropshippers are experiencing declining sales on top platforms like Catch, MyDeals, and Kogan, making it difficult to generate adequate revenue. Exploring other marketplaces is the best way to expand your ecommerce business and maintain sales. Marketplaces like Myer, Harvey Norman, Bunnings, Westfield, and BestButColes are the most suitable choices. Bunnings attracts over 18 million customers monthly, whereas BestBuyColes is showing promising progress – all these platforms are doing great right now.

You can start selling on these platforms with an Australian business number, creating a brand, and stocking products in Australia. Use Wefulfil’s warehousing services and the Brand Trial Plan to ensure fast delivery when starting your business; we’d love to help!

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