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If you are a new dropshipper in Australia, you must have heard of dropshipping with Catch. Besides being a consumer favorite, Catch is a popular platform among dropshippers. Many start their dropshipping career in Australia with Catch, while others scale their business here.

So, if you are wondering how Catch can help you and how to get better sales on Catch, this article covers it all.

What is Catch? is a trusted platform where Australians kick off their shopping journey. It brings low prices to Aussies on their favorite brands, enabling them to shop without spending off limits.

Catch receives one new order every 2.1 seconds. 30k new customers visit the site every week, with 20k daily deliveries.

The platform’s commitment to providing quality products to customers at the best prices makes it a favorite among buyers and sellers alike.

You can also grow your business with one of Australia’s biggest shopping platforms. Their fast shipping and efficient customer service make Catch an ideal choice.

7 Crucial Steps to Boost Your eCommerce Business in Australia

In the past five years, Catch has grown into one of the largest eCommerce platforms in Australia, with over 3 million users and annual sales of more than 300 million. Eventually, the competition has also increased massively. Thus, not everyone is getting the results they expect.

If you are also one of them, don’t worry; Wefulfil brings you this complete guide to help you build your brand on Catch.

Our experts have compiled all important factors that can help you build a successful business with Catch. Let’s quickly dive into 7 secret tips that can help you achieve better sales on Catch:

1.    Find Trending Products

The ever-growing number of products on the platform has intensified the competition on Catch, making it difficult for new businesses to succeed. To ensure your success on Catch, it is crucial to prioritize the most trending products in the Australian market.

Finding trending products allows you to reach your target audience and attracts more traffic. When you achieve better sales, it boosts your products, bringing in more customers.

2.     SEO Best Practices for Product Visibility

Marketing on Catch also heavily relies on SEO to improve sales. Search Engine Optimization plays a vital role in determining the visibility of products when customers are shopping on Catch. As the product range expands, the platform continues to introduce more product features.

Providing Catch with the requested mandatory and optional attributes is of utmost importance for each listed product. These not only impact search results but are also integrated with other features on the website, like marketing campaigns and promotional events.

The data and attributes you provide to Catch drive your visibility and participation in promotional events. So, you can increase your chances of the customer finding your products by investing time in providing accurate information.

However, sometimes, the customer may filter out your products, or they may not appear in search results, ultimately leading to lesser sales.

You can mitigate this risk by optimizing your attributes information to ensure maximum visibility and enhance your sales potential.

3.     Offer Free Shipping and Opt-in One Pass Plan

Generating traffic for new products can be challenging in the beginning. Thus, finding a way to gain favor in listing is important to increase your exposure and reach potential customers.

Opting for the One Pass plan can help you boost your chances of achieving higher traffic on Catch. One Pass is an exclusive club comprising subscribers who pay an annual fee to gain extra benefits. To make your product OnePass Eligible, simply select “true” in the Club Catch Eligible field when submitting offers.

One-pass membership perks

Subscribers get free delivery, 365-day returns, and Flybus points. You don’t only attract the attention of One Pass members but also offer added value to them when they purchase from your store.

So, this strategy can help you drive more traffic and increase product sales on Catch.

4.     Paid Promotion Package

The next step to help you achieve better sales on Catch is opting for paid promotion packages. Paid promotion is an important part of a long-term strategy to build an audience, increase page views, and boost conversation rates on Catch. Promotions help boost and improve search bar ranking and enable you to gain consistent traction over time.

Catch offers various packages, including EDM, homepage events, banners, and social media promotions, among others. These packages help you reach a wider audience and serve two main purposes:

New Products: It helps you introduce new products more effectively. Gaining initial traffic can be difficult when you introduce a new product. EDM push or homepage package lets you quickly generate traffic to your new product listing.

Best-selling Products: Notably, 80% of your sales often come from your store’s 20% best-selling products. Scaling the sales of your best-selling products eventually contributes to overall sales growth. It helps you gain fast orders and improve your best-selling product visibility.

Purchasing packages and taking advantage of high traffic-generating events like Catch Birthday, Catch Fest, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday can be highly effective approaches throughout the year.

You can maximize your product visibility, generate more traffic, and ultimately increase sales on Catch by strategically buying the packages and leveraging trade events.

5.     Use the ‘Price Drop’ Promotion Tool

As a seller offering a wide range of products on Catch, it can be challenging to ensure each performs well. Some products may experience low sales. In such cases, the Price Drop feature can be an adequate choice to bring your products to the limelight. It offers multiple benefits to positively impact traffic and conversion rates on Catch.

With the Price Drop feature, you showcase your product with a “was/now” or “strikethrough” pricing. This pricing strategy creates a sense of urgency, encouraging the shoppers to purchase products at discounted prices, leading to increased traffic and conversions.

When you offer attractive deals to your customers, it increases their chances of making a purchase. So this strategy can help instill a new life to brand new products and drive sales on Catch.

Price drop promotion for beach football

6.     Win Good Reviews from Customers

Achieving good customer reviews is essential for boosting your conversion rate on Catch. So, listings with more reviews not only gain favors in terms of traffic but also have the opportunity to be included in special events for free.

Therefore, exploring every possible avenue is crucial to obtaining positive reviews through exceptional customer care. A good rating profile ultimately contributes to a higher conversion rate on Catch.

7.     Protect your Products from being Copied

Lastly, it’s important to offer high-quality, unique products that Catch users might not find commonly. However, achieving the status of best-selling products on Catch is challenging. Furthermore, one of the potential roadblocks is the possibility of other retailers following your product listing and undercutting your price. So, you must protect your listing to achieve better sales on Catch.

You can take the following steps to safeguard your products from being copied:

Register Your Brand Name: Obtain official registration for your brand name to IP Australia. It provides legal protection and establishes your ownership.

Get a Unique Barcode: Purchase your unique barcode, such as a UPC or EAN registered exclusively to your brand, to distinguish your products.

Create Listings under Your Brand Name: When listing your products on Catch, make sure you use your registered brand name and insert your unique barcode.

Take action against unauthorized followers: If you come across any retailers who are following your listings without your authorization, create a dispute with Catch by providing proof of your trademark and right infringement in such a situation.

Mastering these seven factors can help you succeed and achieve better sales on Catch faster. Since 2022, many dropshippers have faced a sharp decline in platform sales post-Covid. Our next video helps you understand why the sales are declining and how you can rise again. Get in touch with us if you need help in establishing or maintaining a successful business.

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