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E-commerce is growing massively in Australia, and more people are opting for online shopping. Reports show that 5.5 million Australian households made at least one online purchase every month in the past year.

Australia is one of the fastest-growing retail ecommerce countries, with a sales growth rate of 20%. Furthermore, Australian ecommerce is set to reach $64.18 billion in sales by 2027 at a CAGR of 10.41%.

The surge in online shopping needs has also led to an increase in online business entrepreneurs. While online sales and dropshipping have become simpler than in the past, many new startups struggle with finding the right sales channel for their business.

If you are also looking for Australian marketplaces, you can easily get access to sales, Wefufil Dropshipping can help you. We are an Australia and China-based supply chain company that aims to provide the most professional and efficient supply chain solutions for your online business.

Establishing a strong marketing and advertising system for your business can be challenging. But knowing the top marketplaces in Australia you can easily access can make it more convenient.

Au Marketplaces You Can Easily Get Access For Sales

My Deal

My Deal is one of Australia’s most popular and fruitful platforms where you can reach a massive local audience. It deals in home categories with high-end products, eventually offering mightier value. Furthermore, My Deal provides fast shipping and customer reviews that build trust and the seller’s positive image among buyers.

Australian marketplaces

Sellers on My Deal can create their brand, manage their branded stock, and market it to bring in more customers. If you’re wondering how you can be among the top brands on My Deal, we’ve got you covered:

  1. Your products must have high-quality images with accurate descriptions that attract customers and encourage them to purchase.
  2. Start selling on My Deal with your own branded products; always register your brand to ensure authority and ownership.
  3. Take full advantage of free and paid promotion events like Black Friday and Click Frenzy by active participation in promotional activities.
  4. Provide top-notch service to your customers to get as many five-star reviews on the platform, as it creates a positive brand image among visitors.
  5. Offer better prices to compel customers to choose your brand for a cost-effective solution.


Catch is Australia’s largest e-commerce market, dealing in all categories and having over 3 million users. This platform also offers the highest number of products in all categories, making it a favorite among buyers. Moreover, it pushes sellers to compete for the buy box by offering low prices to the customers. While it is a dream come true for buyers, sellers may have problems obtaining the buy box and bringing sales.

Focus on the following policies for your success with Catch:

  1. Like My Deals, Catch also requires adding high-quality images and accurate descriptions to your listings.
  2. Your brand must be registered in Australia, and your products should be ready before you create listings on Catch.
  3. Keep your prices low to get the buy box. But make sure not to compromise on the quality of the products.
  4. Get a good relationship manager on board with your brand to bring valuable resources to your business.
  5. Catch provides a gigantic variety of categories and products. So, listing a higher number of products allows you to bring free traffic to your store.


The last Australian marketplace on our list today is Kogan, the largest local e-commerce platform dealing in electronics. Kogan is reported to have over 3.2 million users. Thus, it is an ideal platform for online sellers working in the electronics segment. Listing your products on Kogan helps you reach the target audience faster and maximize your sales.

Focus on these five factors to ensure you make the best out of Kogan:

  1. The first factor is similar to other marketplaces, i.e., high-quality images and suitable descriptions for your listings.
  2. Kogan also requires registering your brand in Australia if you want to sell on the platform.
  3. As Kogan specifically deals with electronics, your products must comply with the Australian electronic product safety requirements. You must take special care regarding products with button batteries and plugs to avoid hazards and complaints.
  4. Hiring a cooperative account manager will help you deal better and ease your work.
  5. The last and one of the most important factors is to find products that Kogan itself does not sell. Kogan makes around 50% of sales with its own supply chain, and you might not have success with the same products. So, focus on product research and offer products that customers cannot find at Kogan already.

Though all these platforms have extensive features for sellers to bring business, many new startups fail to capture the target audience because of a lack of adequate marketing resources and skills.

Connecting with Wefulfil will enable you to upscale marketing and grow your business. Contact us today to discuss your concerns and find the best marketing plan personalized to your business.  


What is the most popular marketplace in Australia?

Catch is among Australia’s most popular local marketplaces that cater to over 3 million customers. Many online buyers also like Amazon and eBay when making purchases in Australia.

What sells most in Australia?

If you are looking for product ideas to sell on online marketplaces in Australia, mobile phone covers and gaming consoles are the top favorites among buyers. Furthermore, watches, mobile phones, toys, computers, and televisions are also among the high-grossing products online in Australia. Overall, electronics is a popular segment in Au. 

What are people buying in Australia?

Fashion makes up for a huge chunk of online sales in Australia, amounting to around $16.98 billion. At the same time, toys, hobbies, and DIY sold $ 12.21 billion, followed by electronics at $9.78 billion.

What is the fastest-growing e-commerce industry?

Globally, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic, online grocery and food delivery have experienced a hike in demand. Now, people prefer getting their groceries and food delivered to their doorstep instead of spending hours in the store to find what they need.

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