Best 22 Fitness Dropshipping Suppliers For Your Business in 2023

Fitness Dropshipping Suppliers

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Fitness Dropshipping Suppliers
Are you prepared to make a lot of money marketing fitness items in 2023? Don’t worry, there’s always your back! Following are some of the best Fitness Dropshipping suppliers offering a diverse choice of items in all major categories. They have many fitness equipment, sports equipment, and athletic products, such as water bottles, yoga mats, and clothes. All you have to do is check through these 22 lists and select the best option. Let’s get started!
Market overview
Fitness Equipment Market Overview
Source:,5.3%25%20from%202023%20to%202030.Note: The fitness equipment market was valued at USD 16,04 billion in 2022 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.3% between 2023 and 2030.

Why The Fitness Dropshipping Industry?

Fitness dropshipping has grown in popularity in recent years due to various causes. The major one is the growing demand for fitness-related items as people become more concerned with their health and well-being. This increased awareness has increased demand for exercise equipment, apparel, vitamins, and other fitness-related things. As a result, entrepreneurs and e-retailers see dropshipping as a means to leverage this market and provide a diverse range of fitness-related items. Another advantage of dropshipping is that it is a low-risk business strategy for aspiring entrepreneurs. Dropshipping allows you to launch your fitness business without investing in inventory or worrying about storage or shipping issues. All you have to do is collaborate with an inventory and fulfillment supplier. It’s an excellent method to get your fitness company up and running without breaking the budget. The increased popularity of e-commerce promotes fitness dropshipping as well. People want to be able to purchase things online and have them delivered directly to their homes as internet shopping becomes more popular. Dropshipping fits well with this trend since it enables suppliers to offer a diverse selection of fitness items online to buyers worldwide.

How Do You Begin Dropshipping Fitness Products?

The following actions should be taken before supplying fitness items for dropshipping:
1. Research the Fitness Market – Conduct fitness sector market research. Discover what’s hot, who’s purchasing, and what’s selling. Determine your interest in the fitness niche and whether money can be made in them.
2. Choose Your Sales Platform – Choose whether you want to create your dropshipping e-commerce site or utilize an existing e-commerce platform like Shopify, WooCommerce, or BigCommerce. Examine each platform’s features, pricing, and characteristics to see if it is appropriate for your company.
3. Find Reliable Suppliers – Researching and analyzing possible suppliers based on product quality, dependability, and customer service is vital when looking for a fitness product supplier or wholesaler who provides dropshipping services. Inventory quantity, delivery choices, and pricing are all factors to consider.
4. Integrate Dropshipping Tools – Dropshipping tools and plugins in your sales platform may be installed and configured. They will assist you in managing orders, keeping track of stock, and communicating with suppliers. They often automate tasks such as order tracking and stock synchronization.
5. Optimize Product Listings – Make sure the product descriptions for every fitness product you sell are stunning and informative. Showcase your items with attractive product photos, and make sure your product listings are keyword-optimized for search engines.
6. Monitor Performance and Adapt – Keep track of your sales, get client comments, and monitor your website’s statistics. Use the date to determine which goods are performing well, what customers enjoy, and where you can improve. Maintain an eye on your product mix, marketing strategy, and overall user experience, and utilize the data to improve.

Fitness Dropshipping Suppliers List


1. Net2Fitness

Foundation Year: 1999
Nation: North Carolina, United States
Founder: Tony Molinaro

Net2fitness is one of the world’s most prominent online fitness stores. Net2fitness specializes in the selling of fitness equipment and fitness accessories. They supply a wide range of business and residential items such as strength training, cardio, pilates, weightlifting, yoga, and other items. Their mission is to sell high-quality exercise equipment to well-known companies. They sell things to individuals, gyms, and commercial gyms.

Net2Fitness Homepage:


2. Wefulfil

Foundation Year: 2014
Nation: Australia
Founder: Mr. Still Zhu

Wefulfil is a leading provider of end-to-end fulfillment solutions designed to empower entrepreneurs and businesses in the fitness industry. From inventory management to order processing and delivery logistics, they understand the problems that fitness businesses confront. That’s why they have developed Fitness Dropshipping, a specialized service tailored to meet the unique demands of the fitness market. With their expertise in the e-commerce industry and dedication to exceptional service, they are proud to introduce Fitness Dropshipping as part of their comprehensive range of services.

Wefulfil Homepage:

Fitness Zone

3. Fitness Zone

Foundation Year: 1996
Nation: Birmingham, AL
Founder: Tim Forrest

FitnessZone is a well-known online fitness shop in the United States that offers a wide range of exercise equipment and accessories. Their collection includes brand-new fitness equipment, cross-training equipment, Olympic plates and dumbbells, Pilates equipment, and yoga supplies. FitnessZone dropshipping aims to address the demands of fitness enthusiasts who want to enhance their physical fitness and achieve their fitness goals. FitnessZone provides a holistic shopping experience including everything from cardio machines to weightlifting equipment, yoga supplies, and more.

Fitness Zone Homepage:

Deltech Fitness

4. Deltech Fitness

Foundation Year: 1983
Nation: Louisville Kentucky
Founder: Craig Hillis

Deltech Fitness aims to provide excellent home fitness supplies at a reasonable price. Their home exercise equipment is built to last for years while helping you achieve your fitness goals. To fulfill the demands of people with varying fitness requirements, they develop their equipment to high engineering standards. They then choose high-quality materials such as strong gauge steel and quality vinyl to ensure their equipment will survive for many years. As a small business in Louisville, Kentucky, they use the equipment daily to provide others with the same incredible lifting experience that they do.

Deltech Fitness Homepage:

Fitness Experience

5. Fitness Experience

Foundation Year: 1992
Nation: Winnipeg, Canada
Founder: Cass and Traci Beaver

Fitness Experience has been selling training equipment since 1992. They are Western Canada’s leading distributor of high-quality residential and commercial equipment. It is to deliver the most excellent fitness solutions to their clients to assist them in altering their lives through fitness. Fitness Experience is dedicated to offering the greatest exercise equipment to people and organizations to assist them in achieving their health objectives. Fitness Experience will work hard to give you a premium fitness solution that increases your entire fitness experience whether you seek excellent personal fitness equipment or a commercial fitness center.

Fitness Experience Homepage:

Fitness System

6. Fitness System

Foundation Year: 2005
Nation: Lodi, CA
Founder: Sean

Fitness Systems is a privately held company that has operated for over 30 years and has constructed some of the UK’s best fitness clubs and gyms. They collaborate with some of the industry’s trendiest, most up-and-coming, and well-known companies to create the ideal setting for their customers to work out, achieve their objectives and stand out in a congested fitness center market. It all comes down to effort, passion, and years of expertise.

Fitness System Homepage:

Fitness Factory

7. Fitness Factory

Foundation Year: 1989
Nation: Forest Park, IL
Founder: Stuart Glenn

Fitness Factory is one of the world’s most well-known fitness equipment providers. They provide a diverse range of exercise equipment and fitness accessories for home and commercial use. Their goods include cardio machines, strength training equipment, free weights, home gyms, accessories like mats, resistance bands, and exercise attire. Fitness Factory has a diverse product line to fulfill the demands of people, fitness enthusiasts, and club operators. They aim to deliver high-quality workout equipment to accommodate various fitness goals and lifestyles. They are well-known for their large selection, low pricing, and commitment to client happiness.

Fitness Factory Homepage:


8. Dropified

Foundation Year: 2015
Nation: Birmingham, Alabama
Founder: Chase Bowers

Dropified is a renowned platform that offers advanced dropshipping solutions, and they also provide a specialized service called Fitness Dropshipping. With Dropified’s Fitness Dropshipping, fitness enthusiasts and online retailers in the fitness industry can take their businesses to the next level. This specialized service caters specifically to the needs of fitness retailers, offering a seamless and efficient way to sell fitness products without the hassle of inventory management.

Dropified Homepage:


9. Hypersku

Foundation Year: 2018
Nation: Hongkong
Founder: Qiucheng Zhao

HyperSKU is a dynamic platform specializing in dropshipping services, catering to entrepreneurs looking to make large-scale purchases. With a strong emphasis on customization, their platform seamlessly connects you with reliable providers who manufacture fitness products bearing your brand, complete with personalized packaging. HyperSKU firmly believes that eCommerce plays a pivotal role in creating a more equitable society for all in an interconnected global world.

Hypersku Homepage:


10. Nu-Fit

Foundation Year: 2007
Nation: United Kingdom
Founder: Stephanie Tieman

Nu-Fit is an online business that promotes a healthy and active lifestyle. Nu-Fit provides suitable goods for you if you want to improve your health and wellness. Nu-Fit is dedicated to making achieving your fitness and health objectives easier. Their cutting-edge equipment will offer you the tools to enhance your training routine in the comfort of your home. With rapid UK shipping and a dedicated customer care team Nu-Fit is here to help you from the moment you check out to the moment you hit the gym.

Nu-Fit Homepage:


11. Alanic

Foundation Year: 2005
Nation: California, USA
Founder: Jones Patrica

Alanic has established itself as a leading online retailer of high-end fashion, fitness, and workout gear. Alanic has become one of the world’s most-known athletic companies having established itself as a pioneer in unique designs and trends. Alanic delivers a seamless shopping experience across all mobile, tablet, and desktop platforms. This extensive range of designer apparel for men and women will offer several possibilities.

Alanic Homepage:

Gym Pros

12. Gym Pros

Foundation Year:2003
Nation: California, United States
Founder: Roy Crocker

Gym Pros began selling premium workout equipment wholesale in Southern California in 2003. Because their numerous clients have built this company and its success story over the previous ten years, they currently provide exercise equipment to customers worldwide. Gym Pros offers over 80 years of combined sales and service experience in the fitness and exercise equipment supply industry.

Gym Pros Homepage:

Primo Fitness

13. Primo Fitness

Foundation Year: 2016
Nation: Fresno, Texas
Founder: Leo Marangi

Primo Fitness has been in the business fitness equipment sector for over two decades and is an experienced source of new and used commercial fitness equipment. They provide a wide range of exercise equipment including cardio, strength training, free weights, and accessories. Customers may examine their inventory, request quotations, and purchase straight from the company’s website which has a robust online presence. Furthermore, they have a dedicated showroom in California, USA where consumers may examine and try their equipment in person.

Primo Fitness Homepage:

American Fitness

14. American Fitness

Foundation Year: 2021
Nation: Beaverton, OR
Founder: David Nahama

American Fitness is one of the most reputable fitness equipment retailers in the United States. They provide a large assortment of exercise equipment for both personal and commercial usage. Whether you need a cardio machine, strength training equipment, weightlifting equipment, yoga equipment, Pilates equipment, or anything else, American Fitness has you covered. They have you covered whether you are an individual, a fitness enthusiast, a gym owner, or a commercial fitness center.

American Fitness Homepage:


15. Easync

Foundation Year: 2015
Nation: Dublin, Ireland
Founder: Maria Alejandra Llago

Easync is a comprehensive e-commerce platform and software explicitly designed for dropshipping businesses, offering a wide range of features to simplify sourcing and showcasing products from popular e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, eBay, and Walmart. While catering to various industries, Easync also provides specialized support for Fitness Dropshipping, focusing on fitness-related products. With Easync, fitness entrepreneurs can seamlessly import and synchronize fitness products from leading e-commerce platforms into their online stores. This integration streamlines inventory management, pricing, and availability, ensuring merchants have accurate and up-to-date information.

Easync Homepage:

Eagle Sports

16. Eagle Sports

Foundation Year: 1995
Nation: Australia
Founder: John Cox

Eagle Sports takes pride in offering a diverse range of products to the sporting industry. Their offerings cater to a broad customer base, including brick-and-mortar retail stores, suppliers to schools and clubs, and online entrepreneurs selling sporting goods worldwide. With Fitness Dropshipping, online entrepreneurs focusing on fitness products can benefit from their extensive catalog and seamless fulfillment process. Their dropshipping service allows you to showcase various fitness equipment, apparel, accessories, and more without requiring upfront inventory investment or extensive logistical operations.

Eagle Sports Homepage:

Power Body

17. Power Body

Foundation Year: Unknown
Nation: United Kingdom
Founder: Unknown

Power Body is a renowned fitness shop in the United Kingdom. Many dropshipping fitness supplements, sports nutrition items, and gym equipment exist. Power Body has you covered whether you want to develop muscle, lose weight, enhance your endurance, or improve your overall well-being. Protein powders, pre-workout supplements, vitamins and minerals, sports beverages, energy snacks, gym equipment, resistance bands, training gloves, lifting belts, and fitness clothes are all available at Power Body.

Power Body Homepage:

Gym Clothes

18. Gym Clothes

Foundation Year: 2004
Nation: California, USA
Founder: Unknown

Gym Clothes has established itself as a well-known Manufacturer and Supplier of wholesale gym clothing in the United States since its establishment in 2004. Gym Clothes, with over 10,000 quality goods and over 160 factories, is a major manufacturer, supplier, and vendor of wholesale fitness clothes, allowing business owners to satisfy the demands of their fitness-obsessed clientele. Gym Clothes, a prominent manufacturing hub, provides an amazing bulk buying experience and the broadest assortment of sportswear accessible.

Gym Clothes Homepage:

Fitness Clothing

19. Fitness Clothing

Foundation Year: 1970
Nation: California, USA
Founder: Unknown

Fitness Clothing is a prominent fitness wear supplier headquartered in Canada and has offices in Europe, Australia, and the United Kingdom. They are well-known for their commitment to quality and specialize in producing premium compression garments. Their portfolio includes basic gear and sophisticated styles customized to the needs of men, women, and children. Their assortment comprises a wide range of fitness gear products, such as compression shirts and leggings, as well as shorts and other items. They are dedicated to offering attractive and functional fitness clothing to clients to assist them in keeping their active lifestyles.

Fitness Clothing Homepage:


20. Gymshark

Foundation Year: 2012
Nation: Solihull, England, UK
Founder: Ben Francis

Gymshark is well-known in the fitness sector for its trendy and high-quality workout clothes and accessories and its dropshipping program allows entrepreneurs to advertise their items without having to handle inventory. Individuals may use this program to promote and advertise their fashionable Gymshark gear and accessories through their online store with Gymshark handling fulfillment and shipping. Entrepreneurs may profit from the brand’s success by collaborating with the Gymsharing program and providing their consumers with high-quality fitness gear and accessories.

Gymshark Homepage:

GYM Aesthetics

21. GYM Aesthetics

Foundation Year: 2013
Nation: Stuttgart, Germany
Founder: Phil and Aleks

Gym Aesthetics has been a renowned workout-wear company in Germany since its inception in June 2013. Since then, the brand has become more stylish and active, appealing worldwide to its clients’ aesthetic and practical needs. Although GYM Aesthetics is primarily a sports fashion brand it is ultimately a lifestyle-based brand that supports an athletic attitude to life, emphasizing combativeness, discipline, and health. Furthermore, the brand fosters a sense of pride, self-assurance, and a strong sense of belonging.

GYM Aesthetics Homepage:


22. Doba

Foundation Year: 2002
Nation: Lehi, UT
Founder: Jeremy Hanks

Doba is a dropshipping platform that connects online retailers with suppliers and wholesalers, allowing them to source products and fulfill orders without needing inventory management or shipping logistics. Doba offers a wide range of products across various industries, including fitness. Retailers looking to enter the fitness market or expand their fitness product offerings can leverage Doba’s platform to find fitness-related products from different suppliers.

Doba Homepage:

What You Need to Know About Dropshipping Fitness Niche Products

Dropshipping fitness niche items may be a source of revenue for businesses looking to join the fitness market. The following are some of the most important factors to consider when starting a dropshipping business.

Quality and Durability

Product quality and durability are important to fitness lovers. Choose suppliers who offer high-quality fitness items to ensure client happiness and prevent returns or bad feedback.

Niche Targeting

You can focus on a specific area or subcategory within the more significant fitness industry. You may focus on weightlifting or yoga. You might concentrate on either outdoor or domestic training. You might even focus on any other specialized specialization. Niche targeting allows you to personalize your marketing to a more narrow set of consumers.

Build a Professional Online Store

Create an easy-to-use web store that displays your fitness items visually attractively. Use high-resolution product photos, step-by-step product descriptions, and testimonials to inspire trust and conversion. Platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce may help you set up your store.

Marketing and Branding

Create a powerful brand and marketing strategy that distinguishes you from the competition. Use social media, influencers, content, and email to contact your target audience. Join fitness groups and provide useful material to establish yourself as an authority in your field.

Stay Updated on Fitness Trends

Keep up with the newest fitness industry trends and change your product offering accordingly. Stay up to speed on the latest fitness technologies, exercise trends, and fitness influencers to stay competitive.


Finally, it is critical to discover and pick the best supplier for your fitness business to succeed in the fitness industry. It is vital to seek suppliers with a track record of manufacturing high-quality items and providing excellent customer service. Product selection, pricing, delivery time, and return policy are all important considerations. Investigating and evaluating many providers is advantageous to choose one suitable for your company’s goals and client needs.
Customer happiness is critical so choose a supplier who offers high-quality fitness equipment to ensure long-term growth and a great customer experience. Reviewing and interacting with the selected supplier frequently is recommended to preserve a healthy business relationship.

Mr. Still Zhu
Mr. Still Zhu

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