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If you’re considering stepping into the world of online selling when many people are already doing it, it’s still not a bad idea. Sellers around the globe are realizing the importance of online retail and building a loyal customer base, leading to an increase in the number of online sellers day and night.

According to Oberlo, the number of digital buyers in 2024 is 2.71 billion.

While it’s not too late to join the force of online sellers, running a general product online retailing is getting harder, especially when selling on marketplaces. With too many people selling the same product everywhere in Australia, achieving considerable sales with a noticeable margin is becoming more challenging.

If you want to build a successful online business in Australia, differentiation and brand awareness are the only way forward in this soaring competition.

Now, you might wonder, “How do I differentiate my brand from others while staying in the loop with recent trends?”

We understand it’s not simple, and you might have numerous concerns, like:

  • Lack of product ideas
  • Investing a huge capital
  • Product photography for each listing
  • Managing the fulfillment process and customer service

So, how to make it happen without losing all your hair in the worry of establishing your business in this competitive market scenario?

Don’t worry; Wefulfil’s Brand Trial Plan has got you covered!

Our Brand Trial Plan is perfect for businesses in their development phase. We offer a one-stop solution for all your dropshipping needs so you can work on ways to expand further.

What is Wefulfil’s Brand Trial Plan?

Wefulfil’s Brand Trial Plan is an all-rounder solution for new business people stepping into the world of e-commerce. It can help you build your online business efficiently and effectively by handling sourcing and logistics. Wefulfil keeps you updated throughout the process while freeing you from the worry of trivial tasks and issues. Our Brand Trial Plan includes:

1.     Product Selection

Product selection is critical to business success, especially when you see diverse products on selling platforms, leading to confusion. You might feel interested in electronics or furniture, but they usually have high shipping costs. At the same time, customized products may be attractive, but they might not be the best choice when the manufacturing facility is in another country. Thus, you must choose the products wisely.

With Wefulfil, you do not have to think of fresh product ideas every few weeks. Our product offerings bring monthly selected trending ideas with deeper marketplace analysis, considering all the important elements of product selection to help you pick the best ones for your business.

2.     Sourcing

Sourcing from countries like China to Australia can be challenging as you cannot be sure about the credibility of the manufacturer or seller. However, our team in China ensures sourcing products for you is as easy as pie. Wefulfil’s on-spot team in China sources the product, purchases stock, and deals with local Chinese suppliers. It also eliminates the language barrier most Australian sellers face with Chinese vendors.

3.     Personalized Packaging

We understand that not everyone wants to sell products with a generic brand name. Thus, Wefulfil ensures that each client gets their unique brand name and logo on their white-labeled stock, with even 20 pieces for each product. So, now you can order smaller batches in the beginning instead of ordering hundreds of pieces when you’re unsure of the order volume. We also ensure your customers receive their orders with your name on them.

4.     Images for Listing Creation

Product photography is a critical aspect of online shopping as people rely on photographs when they cannot see or touch the product in real before buying. That’s why sometimes, products look too good, attracting people and compelling them to purchase, resulting in high order influx. Nevertheless, product photography is essential if you want to showcase your product in the most aesthetic and appealing manner to potential customers.

Though you can find various acclaimed photographers in Australia, they are usually quite heavy on the pocket. So, we offer product photography services in China at a fraction of the Australian rate. We take the products from the seller, get them photographed by a professional, edit the images, and then add them to the listing.

5.     Shipping to Australia

If you’re thinking of a dropshipping business, you do not need to ship the whole batch to another country. However, shipping the inventory can be a better option if you want to cater to local Australian buyers only. At the same time, delivering only a few products to Australia from China can be costly for a business. Wefulfil combines your small stock with other clients’ consignment in our weekly containers from China; it saves you hefty shipment costs.

What’s even better is that Wefulfil manages the custom clearance, so you don’t have to!

6.     Warehousing

If you’re wondering, “Where do I store the products in Australia?” our Brand Trial Plan solves this problem as well. Managing a warehouse can be costly, and you must consider multiple factors when looking for a warehouse for small stocks. Wefulfil eases the process with warehouses across different countries, including Australia.

You can use our warehouses to keep your stock from China, regardless of how many pieces you have ordered. We keep your products safe in our well-built, spacious warehouses with all essential facilities and on-duty staff that ensure your stock’s safety.

7.     Fulfillment

Besides product selection and sourcing, fulfillment is one of the most important elements of e-commerce. Let’s say you list exceptional products that bring plentiful orders, and the products are stored safely in a warehouse, but you are unable to ship the products to the customers on time. Fulfillment issues are alone enough to damage your business’s reputation.

Wefulfil realizes the importance of prompt delivery and offers the same. We pick and pack all your daily orders and dispatch them within 24 hours of placing the order. It gives you a competitive edge as other sellers might take 15-20 days to send products (when dropshipping from China). On the other hand, the customer receives the product within 3-7 days via local shipping with Wefulfil.

How does Wefulfil’s Brand Trial Plan Work?

Though we have explained how Wefulfil can help you build a business with a small stock through our Brand Trial Plan, clients sometimes ask, “What do I do then?”

We say, “Relax!”

Yes, you can relax while we manage everything, from product listing to warehousing and fulfillment. However, we update our clients on every stage of the process and ask for their input in important decisions.

For example, we share a bunch of product ideas with our clients so they can pick the ones they like the most. Then, we will place a trial order of less than 20 pieces under the Brand Trial Plan.

Once the Trial stock arrives, you can fetch the product listing we have prepared for your store and launch your campaign.


Setting up an online business can be challenging when you do not want to invest a large sum initially, as most Chinese suppliers ask for a huge MOQ. However, if you want to start small, Wefulfil’s Brand Trial Plan is your best pick. You can choose this plan to order a trial stock of as low as 20 pieces per order. Our team manages everything from product research to photography, listing creation, shipment, warehousing, and fulfillment. It frees you from the worry of large stock shipments from China to Australia – select the products you like and leave the rest to us!


How do Wefulfil’s payment plans work?

Wefulfil offers a free dropshipping platform to merchants, yet they must pay based on the orders being fulfilled by Wefulfil. Each order includes a product cost and a shipping cost calculated based on the country of the customer. The store owner must pay this cost to fulfill their orders.

Does Wefulfil offer local distribution?

Yes, Wefulfil has often distributed through online channels. With this, we can track our local distribution more efficiently and in real-time.

Does Wefulfil offer free shipping?

Wefulfil offers quick, free shipping to over 24 countries and reasonable delivery charges in many other countries. We also provide tracking information and daily updates per parcel fulfillment.


If you are interested in our Brand Trial Plan, drop us a message, and our experts will be happy to assist you. Or visit us at

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