China Sourcing Agent Fees

china sourcing agent fees

Table of Contents

Wefulfil is a drop shipping company in Australia that helps other e-commerce businesses source products for sale and delivers them to their customers. This business model requires some technicalities, hence, you need to be aware of the fees involved when using a sourcing agent such as Wefulfil.

china sourcing agent fees

Chapter I. Introduction

1.1, Importance of China Sourcing Agent

1.2, Overview of Sourcing Agent Fees

Chapter II. Types of Sourcing Agents Fees

2.1, Commission-based fees

2.2, Service-based fees

2.3, Miscellaneous fees

Chapter III. Factor Influencing Sourcing Agent Fees

3.1, Product proximity and volume

3.2, Supplier selection and negotiation

3.3, Additional services required

3.4, Agent’s expertise and experience

Chapter IV. Evaluating and Negotiating Sourcing Agents’ Fees

4.1, Calculating the overall cost

4.2, Tips for negotiating fees

4.3, Balancing cost and value


Mr. Still Zhu
Mr. Still Zhu

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