How Liam Trolio Made $1.5 Million in Sales in ONE QUARTER with Wefulfill

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Dropshipping has become incredibly popular in the last decade, and now most sellers want to dropship instead of keeping an inventory. However, the success rate for dropshipping lies between 10% and 20%.

So, how do you make sure your dropshipping business is a success?

It seems easy, but dropshipping is a complicated process that requires managing multiple fronts, including sourcing, shipping, marketing, customer service, and others. Most dropshippers with successful businesses take help from a dropshipping agency.

Besides their effort and research, dropshipping agencies help them stay updated with latest trends and offer the best to the business. Improved product search, sourcing, marketing and customer care make the perfect recipe for a blooming dropshipping business.

Today, we will share how a dropshipping agency helps your business succeed. Furthermore, you will get to learn strategies that helped Liam make $1.5 million in sales. You can also implement these strategies in your business to make noticeable profits.

Without any further ado, let’s tell you how Liam Trolio, an Australian dropshipper, reached $1.5 million in sales with Wefulfill.

Liam’s Dropshipping Journey

Liam Trolio from Perth, Western Australia, has been in the dropshipping business for over three years. Liam started taking an interest in the business in 2018 when he saw many young businesspeople dropshipping and making hundreds and thousands of dollars.

Liam’s parents established and grew businesses at a young age when they moved to Australia. Seeing his parents run businesses, his inclination toward having his own business pushed him into dropshipping.

He started dropshipping in 2018 while working at a private corporate firm. However, Liam left his job and started dropshipping full-time in 2022, when he realized the potential.

By the end of 2022, Liam, with the help of Wefulfill, expanded the business to over 13 direct consumer e-commerce brands in Australia. It enabled him to make over $1.5 million in sales in the last quarter of 2022.

Identifying Profitable Products

Identifying the right product is among the most critical dropshipping elements, whether you get in touch with a dropshipping agency or set sail on your own. Liam shares the secret to his successful product strategy, which results in more sales and profit. Some factors that he considers while choosing products for business are:

  • Things that he and his girlfriend would personally buy when scrolling
  • Products with a wow factor that get you the limelight
  • Finding products at the lowest prices to earn healthy margins

Product Sourcing with Wefulfill

Liam sourced products from AliExpress for over two and a half years. While some of the products were good quality, there was usually no surety of the product quality when sourcing from another country. Moreover, he encountered issues like lost parcels and unresponsive suppliers.

Eventually, Liam opted for a dropshipping agency to help him with sourcing. He tried several others before contacting Wefulfill, but unfortunately, they could not meet his expectations. Liam faced similar issues with these companies including lack of support and transparent communication.

Wefulfill helped Liam source high-quality products and offered dynamic support throughout. As Liam mentions, sometimes the product might look good, but the quality is terrible. So, our team visits the manufacturers to ensure that the products are high-quality. It eliminates your headache of thinking about the product’s quality, timely shipping, etc.

What started with a discussion regarding one of Liam’s store’s supply chains has now expanded to the fulfillment of 13 brands by Wefulfill. It makes us incredibly happy that Liam is delighted with our quick responsiveness and quality assurance services. Liam mentions he is living the business dream he did not even dream of when he started dropshipping.

Branding and Marketing

When stepping into the dropshipping world, knowing that branding and marketing are vital to success is critical. Genuine advertising helps you build trust among potential customers, encouraging them to purchase from your brand.

Many dropshippers focus on mass dropshipping, but Liam shares that their advertising strategy depicts the products as a local experience. They target one country at first, focusing entirely on factors that make their brands feel relevant to the local users. Based in Australia, he launches the products in Australia first, scaling and expanding to neighboring regions.

Video ads on Meta (Facebook and Instagram) have been the most impactful for him, bringing around 99% of the total customers. He mentions that video ads help him share the features of their products better than images and carousels. The ads are exciting and fun, with a local look instead of automated voices or images.

Obstacles in Liam’s Dropshipping Journey

While dropshipping seems like a passive income, it requires effort to bring it to the point where it can be handsoff. Liam shared with Wefulfill that he initially did not realize the importance and need for customer service. Tracking hundreds of orders and ensuring prompt responses was challenging in the beginning of the business.

Local tracking numbers by Wefulfill made it pretty easy and convenient to track the orders instead of back-and-forth emails. Putting the proper systems in place and taking help from a dropshipping agency helps you scale and build your business instead of doing everything yourself. So, it’s better to get skilled assistants to help you with the admin and management part of dropshipping.

Furthermore, leaving his high-paying job to take dropshipping full-time was another challenge Liam mentioned, as he was unsure if it was the right decision. Yet he worked hard throughout the year to reap the benefits in Q4 because of the right strategies leading to high customer influx.

Advice for New Dropshippers

Dropshipping is challenging, and many new dropshippers give up early. But it’s not as simple as it sounds. So, if you’re a new dropshipper, take Liam’s advice to see how he made around one and a half million dollars despite the increasing competition.

  • While everyone says this, getting into business is the most important thing. People usually do not want to take risks and hesitate to take action. However, you wouldn’t know the possibilities until you enter the business.
  • Next, Liam mentions that finding the right products that interest your customers is major in dropshipping success.
  • Furthermore, take help from online resources to learn about dropshipping. Liam does not endorse paid courses. Instead, he suggests looking for the material online for free or find a mentor to help you set the foundation for your business.
  • New dropshippers can save money by getting the product shipped to them and creating the videos using royalty-free footage and editing them.

Liam encourages those interested in business to give dropshipping a shot, as it can be life-changing.

Role of a Mentor in Dropshipping

Besides a dropshipping agency, mentorship is an important part of the process that new dropshippers often miss. The Internet is packed with paid courses promising to tell you everything about dropshipping. However, most courses are outdated as dropshippers are looking for new ways to stand out from the crowd every day. So, a better option is to get a mentor who can guide you on the latest dropshipping trends.

Branding and marketing

Mentorship is not spoken about much, but it can help you understand the basics you might encounter in the business. Knowing it beforehand saves you from the headache, and you know what to do in such a situation.

Mentorship might not directly help you become successful, but it can speed up the process by avoiding getting stuck in situations and not knowing what to do.

How to Find a Dropshipping Mentor in Australia?

You can look for successful dropshippers in the niche you want to work in and ask them if they would mentor you. At the same time, Liam Trolio believes in giving back, and he has been working on a course he wishes to launch soon for emerging and struggling dropshippers. The course will be absolutely free and will help new dropshippers understand the dropshipping landscape better.

He’s also keen on setting up a mentorship program to help new dropshippers achieve the same success as him. So, they can benefit from Liam’s expertise to build a successful dropshipping business.


We hope this article helped you understand the challenges in dropshipping and how you can overcome them. Furthermore, now you know how the role of a dropshipping agency in business success is inevitable due to increasing competition. Follow Liam’s advice and suggestions and step into dropshipping to change your life. Get in touch for any queries and check further informational articles in our blog section or visit Wefulfill Dropshipping’s YouTube channel.

We’ll share the details about the mentorship program as soon as Liam launches it; stay tuned!

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