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China is undoubtedly the king of dropshipping when it comes to product manufacturing and supply. A large fraction of businesses globally either manufacture their products in China or dropship directly from there.

Sourcing and dropshipping from China have been popular supply chain solutions since e-commerce grew in Australia. Businesses now understand why other big countries rely on China for production and supply.

Reports show the dropshipping market in China will hit $136.7 billion by 2027.

Eventually, more Australian business owners are getting their products sourced from China. You can procure all kinds of items, from ready-made white-label products to customized ones to Australia from China.

You can either opt for dropshipping from China directly or get a dropshipping agent to source your product, purchase your inventory, manage the warehousing, and ship orders to your customers.

It is, in fact, an excellent choice to opt for a fulfillment company like Wefulfil, especially when you’re new to the business.

The biggest benefit of sourcing and dropshipping from China is that you need less upfront investment; pick a product idea, run an ads campaign, find the winning product, and then scale it. If it doesn’t work, move to the next product idea without wasting a lot of money.

You don’t need to hold inventory and manage shipment yourself when opting for fulfillment agencies. Thus, you will always have a great cash flow because you won’t be stuck with stock in hand.

Challenges with Dropshipping from China

If you’re wondering how fulfillment companies can help you build and expand your dropshipping business, it’s important to understand the most common challenges of dropshipping from China for new sellers that they help overcome.

1.     Long Shipping Time

Long delivery time is the most common problem sellers face when bringing products from China. Shipping from China to Australia can take up to two weeks, making it inconvenient for your customers waiting for their orders. Sometimes, they might pay more to get the desired products from local sellers in less time. Though you can opt for express delivery from China, it typically costs more than standard shipment.

2.     Communication Issues

The communication gap is a major issue because of the language barrier between Australian dropshippers and Chinese vendors. Most people in China speak the local language and do not understand English well, making it challenging to communicate. Thus, many dropshippers opt for WeChat, a Chinese chatting application with in-built translation software. However, fulfillment companies like Wefulfil have Chinese employees who talk to the vendors conveniently, making the whole process easier.

3.     High MOQs

When getting products manufactured in China or purchased to be sent to Australia, vendors usually have a high MOQ. It may range from a hundred pieces to up to a thousand pieces or more, depending on the products you’re interested in. However, fulfillment companies come in handy in this situation as well. For example, Wefulfil enables you to order as few as 20 pieces with our Brand Trial Plan.

Benefits of Sourcing and Dropshipping from China via Wefulfil

Wefulfil, an Australia and China-based Supply Chain company, aims to help you get rid of all these problems and make the best use of sourcing and dropshipping from China. Let’s dig into how Wefulfil is making a difference for Australian online retailers.

Managing Sourcing till Fulfillment

Wefulfil will manage your supply chain, including sourcing, purchasing, customizing, warehousing, and dropshipping to your customers. Wefulfil takes care of every step in the supply chain, which you might not want to do by yourself. Our experienced and expert professionals at each step of the process ensure everything goes smoothly. So, you just need to focus on marketing and bringing sales to your store.

Offering 5-8 Days Delivery

Fast delivery is the key to a sustainable and successful business. Even Facebook now has a strict rate on your delivery performance. Wefulfil offers warehousing facilities in numerous countries, allowing us to deliver local orders between 3-7 days. We are also working toward providing a 5-8 day delivery from other parts of the world. This enables you to compete with local vendors and resellers by offering better rates and attracting more customers.

Smart Inventory Monitoring

Wefulfil offers a feature where you can see your sales for the last 7, 28, or 42 days and your recent inventory, allowing you to easily understand how much new stock to add up. This provides you with a smart tool for monitoring your inventory better, so you don’t have to worry about the stock being sold out or investing in too much inventory.

Better Pricing Achievement Structure

Offering one piece and pre-order dropshipping mode helps you test first and then scale with a better margin. Normally, there is a 10% discount on the cost price when you first pre-order to scale the sales. Doesn’t that sound great for a business starting with minimal capital!

Localized Appearance with GST Inclusive

Wefulfil operates as an Australian company with Australia APP, including AUD and GST; you are basically working with an Australian company instead of a Chinese one. So, besides everything else, like communication and delayed shipment, you do not have to worry about the company’s origin.


China is the largest global exporter today and a favorite among dropshippers. The high demand of Chinese products is attributed to low costs that allow dropshippers to sell products at a higher price. While you can source and dropship items from Chinese vendors directly, supply chain and fulfillment companies like Wefulfil ease the process for you significantly. We find the products, source them, take care of warehousing, and ensure the orders reach your customers on time. It saves you from trivial supply chain issues, and you can focus on scaling your business.


What is sourcing agent dropshipping?

Sourcing agents help you find reliable vendors and suppliers to meet your needs. While fulfillment companies like Wefulfil offer the same service, you can find numerous individual sourcing agents who only find manufacturers or suppliers; many businesses find suppliers in China for dropshipping via sourcing agents.

Which country is best to dropship?

Considering the product demand and consumer power, Australia is among the top countries for dropshipping. However, the USA and UK also have large consumer markets (bigger than Australia), making them popular choices for dropshipping. While some people opt for local Australian manufacturers, others prefer dropshipping from China to save costs.

How to import cheap from China?

Numerous factors contribute to the price of goods imported from China. So, you must compare multiple suppliers and ask for quotations before finalizing one. Next, ask if they offer discounts on particular MOQs. The choice of shipment method also influences the overall costs. For example, sea freight is cheaper but takes more time, whereas air transfers are quicker but heavier on the pocket.

Is AliExpress dropshipping friendly?

AliExpress is one of the most popular dropshipping platforms among dropshippers. It is an excellent source of hunting and sourcing products from different sellers. Overall, AliExpress is quite dropshipper-friendly, making it easy to find products to sell online.

Which is the most profitable product to import from China?

Electronics and electrical equipment are the most profitable niche to import from China. However, dropshipping these items can be challenging as they are more susceptible to damage. Moreover, large items have higher shipping costs. While electronics are good for import, the most popular dropshipping products from China include apparel, footwear, personal care, and beauty products.


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