Top 32 Australian Fashion Manufacturers in 2023

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Discover Australia’s Best Fashion Manufacturing! These top 32 Australian fashion brands set the industry standard for everything from sustainable practices to outstanding craftsmanship. Explore the latest collections from various fashion manufacturers Australia in this post. Keep an eye on this!

The Australian fashion industry is diversified and dynamic, taking inspiration from various sources, including the country’s distinctive scenery, multicultural society, and casual lifestyle. Australian design’s laid-back, effortless look is frequently defined by informal and comfy apparel constructed from natural fibers and textiles. One of the distinguishing characteristics of Australian fashion is its emphasis on sustainability and ethical manufacture. Many Australian designers stress using environmentally friendly materials and implementing ethical standards across their supply chain.
Australian fashion is noted for its blend of traditional and modern styles, emphasizing practical and flexible pieces that can be worn in various contexts. Australian fashion designers are also noted for using bright colors and prints and experimenting with unusual textures and textiles.

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The Australian garment manufacturing business is a small but booming sector emphasizing sustainable and ethical manufacturing processes. Many Australian fashion designers place a premium on natural textiles like cotton, linen, and wool, which are both ecologically beneficial and easy to wear.

The sector is distinguished by various designers, ranging from established companies to young designers noted for their distinctive and daring creations. Australian fashion designers also increasingly rely on new sustainable technology to reduce waste and environmental effects.

In recent years, both in Australia and abroad, there seems to be an increase in demand for sustainable and ethically created clothes. Customers are becoming more aware of their purchases’ environmental and social consequences and looking for businesses that promote sustainability and ethical practices.

Top 32 Australian Fashion Manufacturers

The following are the top 32 Australian fashion manufacturers, mentioned for their excellent products and dedication to sustainability:

Akubra Australian Fashion Manufacturer

Akubra is a hot fashion company based in Australia that has created excellent hats since 1874. The firm is well-known for its famous headwear, such as the original Akubra hat, symbolizing Australian culture and identity. Traditional procedures and high-quality materials, such as genuine rabbit fur felt, create Akubra hats. The hats are intended to be both fashionable and functional, with characteristics such as broad brims and high crowns to give sun and rain protection.

Akubra Homepage:
About Akubra:
Akubra Australian Fashion:

Assembly Label Australian Fashion Manufacturer

Assembly Label

Assembly Label, founded in 2011 by Damien Horan and Daniel Oliver, is guided by the notion of a capsule wardrobe featuring timeless and flexible necessities built to last. They enjoy designing contemporary clothes and lifestyle goods from high-quality, inherently opulent fabrics, with classic shapes and our characteristic neutral color palettes. They are inspired by our coastal landscapes as an Australian brand—a connection to the environment is part of our fabric, and we strive to operate responsibly in all aspects of their company, respecting a responsibility to the environment and others.

Assembly Label Homepage:
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Assembly Label Australian Fashion:

KJ Production Australian Fashion Manufacturer

KJ Production Australian Fashion Manufacturer

KJ Production House offers a full range of clothing production and manufacturing services to help you launch your fashion label, including production planning and scheduling, quoting, fabric and accessory advice and sourcing, pattern making, sampling, digitizing, grading, marker making, and cutting, all managed by experienced professionals with expertise in fashion production.

KJ Production House Homepage:
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KJ Production House Australian Fashion:

Billabong Australian Fashion Manufacturer

Billabong Australian Fashion Manufacturer

Billabong once introduced Australian surf and skate culture to the rest of the world, altering the environment. The brand has gone through several ups and downs since then, but it continues to produce goods and collections that are both optimum and inspired.

Billabong Homepage:
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Billabong Australian Fashion:

Australian Clothing Fashion Manufacturer

Australian Clothing Fashion Manufacturer

Australian Clothing Company specializes in providing excellent, industry-specific Apparel and Logistics solutions throughout Australia. They take pleasure in providing the best uniform solutions to organizations in various sectors. Their skill in fabric selection and functional clothing designs has kept Australian Clothing Company the chosen supplier for much long-term clientele.

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Australian Clothing Fashion:

Bonds Australian Fashion Manufacturer

Bonds celebrate his centennial this year. From their humble origins as a tiny producer of women’s hosiery in 1915 to today’s current status as one of Australia’s most famous companies, we’ve changed ourselves to meet Australian families’ needs (and bodies). We’ve always done things a bit differently. In the early years, they were not a stuffy boardroom of business suits but a corporation with sports teams, a marching band, a library, and even a hairdresser.

Bonds Homepage:
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Bonds Australian Fashion:

CB Clothing Australian Fashion Manufacturer

CB Clothing Australian Fashion Manufacturer

CB Clothing is a privately owned Australian company that provides excellent Australian cotton blank t-shirts and other things. They sell wholesale and retail to screen printers, promotional firms, and private labels. They are one-of-a-kind in that they are entirely made of Australian cotton; one can be approved by Cotton Australia and dedicated to assisting our Australian cotton growers.

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CB Clothing Australian Fashion:

By Johnny Australian Fashion Manufacturer

By Johnny Australian Fashion Manufacturer

Johnny Schembri, an Australian fashion designer, was created BY Johnny. The company began as a small stand at Sydney’s Paddington Markets in 2009 as a partnership with Schembri’s sister Renee. It swiftly achieved national notoriety after Schembri finished third in reality television’s Project Runway. BY Johnny’s achievement during Australian Fashion Week has cemented the label’s position in the industry.

By Johnny Homepage:
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By Johnny Australian Fashion:

Calibre Australian Fashion Manufacturer

CALIBRE is Australia’s most regarded and leading men’s fashion brand and a pioneer. Since launching Australia’s first men ”’s-only, up-market boutique over 30 years ago, CALIBRE’s recognizable hallmark components and innovative classicism have caught the imagination of style leaders nationwide. CALIBRE’s collections are constantly current and comprise wearable, aspirational fashion pieces of the finest quality, ranging from its distinctive well-tailored casual clothing to its superbly produced, crisp suiting.

Calibre Homepage:
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Calibre Australian Fashion:

Camilla and Marc Australian Fashion Manufacturer

Camilla and Marc Australian Fashion Manufacturer

Camilla Freeman-Topper and Marc Freeman founded the company in 2003. The CAMILLA AND MARC concept is based on high-end design and quality, allowing the wearer to shine. CAMILLA AND MARC believe in transformative design and want to inspire women to live creatively and richly. CAMILLA AND MARC reflect a refined sensibility with an unexpected edge. They are timeless, contemporary, and fitted with an unexpected edge.

Camilla and Marc Homepage:
About Camilla and Marc:
Camilla and Marc Australian Fashion:

Cotton: On Australian Fashion Manufacturer

Cotton_ On Australian Fashion Manufacturer

Although Australia is brimming with fantastic bespoke brands and stylish boutique boutiques, we can still make room for one of the large corporations. Cotton On is that large business and it’s been outfitting millions of Australians for over three decades. What began as a women’s-only store has subsequently extended to offer menswear, children’s clothing, and many other items.

Cotton: On Homepage:
About Cotton: On:
Cotton: On Australian Fashion:

Country Road Australian Fashion Manufacturer

Country Road began as a four-person operation in Hawthorn. They started with a basic shirt, now a Country Road classic, led by Stephen Bennett. The name was chosen to symbolize the brand’s attitude; Country represented a strong desire to make actual products, while Road acknowledged the path forward. A straightforward look became synonymous with the company. The name swiftly became Australia’s first lifestyle brand, styling clothes before remodeling their homes.

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Country Road Australian Fashion:

Driza-Bone Australia Fashion Manufacturer

Driza-Bone has played a role in many pivotal times in Australian history, from peril to jubilation. The company’s oilskin tents protected the Anzacs at Gallipoli in 1915, and in 2007, George Bush and the leaders of 19 other APEC nations donned Driza-Bone when they met in Sydney. The Driza-Bone has evolved into a superbly flexible garment that is depended on to weather Australia’s varied variety of harsh conditions, from the tropical Savannahs of the Kimberley to the monsoons of Arnhem Land to the desert heat of the Outback.

Driza-Bone Homepage:
About Driza-Bone:
Driza-Bone Australian Fashion:

Ginger Smart Australia Fashion Manufacturer

Alexandra and Genevieve Smart, sisters from Sydney, founded the company in 2002 to unite family skills to produce a significant fashion-lifestyle brand. Alexandra’s innovative business background as an editor and publisher for excellent lifestyle magazines, combined with Genevieve’s years at the design helm of some of Australia’s most successful fashion businesses, covers every possibility for a successful and exciting fashion venture.

Ginger Smart Homepage:
About Ginger Smart:
Ginger Smart Australian Fashion:

Gorman Australia Fashion Manufacturer

An Australian designer, Lisa Gorman is the brains behind her namesake line, which launched in 1999 with a limited eight-piece collection. Gorman’s company grew as the requests continued to come in. It eventually became an all-encompassing lifestyle brand, including footwear, apparel, homewares, and accessories.

Gorman Homepage:
About Gorman:
Gorman Australian Fashion:

Deepwear Australia Fashion Manufacturer

Thoray started Deepwear in 2007 after participating in numerous successful initiatives in the modern garment market and acquiring a taste for sourcing and manufacturing outside the industry’s traditional methods. He has worked throughout Europe, Asia, and the world, which he regards as one global country.

Deepwear Homepage:
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Deepwear Australian Fashion:

Industrie Australia Fashion Manufacturer

Industrie Clothes, founded in 1999, is all about modern style that is manly, classic, fresh, practical, and inexpensive. They create distinctive textiles, hardware, and trimmings from all around the world. INDUSTRIE operates 105+ retail outlets around Australia, a strong online company, concession positions in Myer, and key retail partners. INDUSTRIE also makes children’s clothing. Indie Kids, founded in 2008, is a fashion, boardies, and denim brand for boys aged 0 to 16. Their online store, Indie Kids locations, and Myer department stores are available throughout Australia.

Industrie Homepage:
About Industrie:
Industrie Australian Fashion:

Ksubi Australia Fashion Manufacturer

Ksubi Australia Fashion Manufacturer

Ksubi, founded in 1999, is one of the world’s most desired Australian fashion manufacturing. Ksubi has developed from a teenage label to an established brand with a distinct character, becoming one of today’s most recognized Australian fashion labels. Ksubi jeans, denim jackets, cut-off shorts, and distressed skirts form the backbone of each collection, including a selection of premium tees, tops, and eye-catching dresses. Progressive designs and fabrications with rough finishes complete the unique Ksubi look.

Ksubi Homepage:
About Ksubi:
Ksubi Australian Fashion:

Manning Cartell Australia Fashion Manufacturer

Manning Cartell Australia Fashion Manufacturer

MANNING CARTELL understands and adores women. They were founded in 2005 by three sisters who wanted to challenge themselves to create thoughtful, contemporary apparel without sacrificing quality. We are committed to developing a meaningful, non-conforming style highlighting our customers’ uniqueness. They seek to make and celebrate meaningful memories.

Manning Cartell Homepage:
About Manning Cartell:
Manning Cartell Australian Fashion:

Maurie and Eve Australia Fashion Manufacturer

The very first MAURIE + EVE patterns were sewn on Grandma Eve’s sewing machine and now induce relaxation and peace in the user. Kelly develops timeless, beautifully created items inspired by mindfulness, travel, and a grounded sense of ‘home.’ It works transcend seasons and instill a natural style. The MAURIE + EVE hallmark is relaxed, workable exteriors, billowing sleeves, and thoughtful fabrications, with each item made to wear, share, mend, and repeat.

Maurie and Eve Homepage:
About Maurie and Eve:
Maurie and Eve Australian Fashion:

R.M. Williams Australia Fashion Manufacturer

R.M. Williams Australia Fashion Manufacturer

R.M. Williams is one of the most well-known – and well-loved – footwear labels. Initially designed for the men and women of the harsh, unforgiving Australian outback, the classic one-piece leather boots have graced the feet of millions of people, including some of the world’s most renowned.

R.M. Williams Homepage:
About R.M. Williams:
R.M. Williams Australian Fashion:

Ralph & Russo Australia Fashion Manufacturer

Ralph & Russo Australia Fashion Manufacturer

Ralph & Russo is a global luxury company known for creating designs that are both current and timeless in their elegance. In 2010, Tamara Ralph and Michael Russo founded the company in London. After Tamara Ralph and Michael Russo leave the firm in 2021, Retail Ecommerce Ventures LLC will restore the brand and take it to new heights. They constantly pursue excellence and the best in design and craftsmanship, striving to set new quality standards by fusing tradition and modern luxury.

Ralph & Russo Homepage:
About Ralph & Russo:
Ralph & Russo Australian Fashion:

Rip Curl Australia Fashion Manufacturer

Rip Curl Australia Fashion Manufacturer

Rip Curl continues to be a company founded by surfers for surfers, and we have been the experts in surfing for over 50 years. They strive to provide the finest goods, host the best events, support the best athletes, give the best customer service, express the best brand message, and have the best team of people. This contributes to Rip Curl’s objective of being known as “The Ultimate Surfing Company.”

Rip Curl Homepage:
About Rip Curl:
Rip Curl Australian Fashion:

Tigerlily Australia Fashion Manufacturer

Tigerlily, founded in 2000 in Sydney, Australia, provides the perfect vacation wardrobe, intended to send it away at home or abroad for every occasion. Each collection is ambitious yet approachable for ladies who like summer, the beach, and a young enthusiasm for new experiences. At Tigerlily, they are always looking for fresh experiences and interactions that the road less traveled has to offer. Tigerlily has developed from Australia’s premier Premium Swimwear brand to give the perfect Holiday Edit wardrobe all year round, merging unusual materials, distinct designs, and a strong ethical and sustainability emphasis.

Tigerlily Homepage:
About Tigerlily:
Tigerlily Australian Fashion:

Witchery Australia Fashion Manufacturer

Witchery Australia Fashion Manufacturer

Witchery was formed in South Australia in 1970 and has always provided excellent clothing for working Australian women. By the late 1980s, the brand’s positioning had shifted to a luxury and quality-focused fashion sense. You’re demonstrating that quality-led design can be worn every day and night and that confidence comes from what you wear and how you wear it.

Witchery Homepage:
About Witchery:
Witchery Australian Fashion:

Zanerobe Australia Fashion Manufacturer

ZANEROBE is an Australian men’s clothing company that offers thoughtful, modern, and ever-evolving collections at the heart of a sustainable philosophy. The person is an equal parts creative and free-thinker who collaborates with us to express his distinct style, protect the earth we live on, and discover where his next adventure will lead him.

Zanerobe Homepage:
About Zanerobe:
Zanerobe Australian Fashion:

Zimmermann Australia Fashion Manufacturer

Zimmermann Australia Fashion Manufacturer

Zimmermann is the epitome of the Australian style. With 1.5 million Instagram followers increasing, the label’s adaptable sundresses, unique designs, and celebrity followings have earned it a place in the fashion industry. ZIMMERMANN began physically and creatively in Sydney, with Nicky focused on making gowns and selling them at Paddington markets. Nicky would design and make clothes from her parent’s garage during the week in preparation for the weekend market. Nicky used the marketplaces to hone her aesthetic and see firsthand how women reacted to clothes.

Zimmermann Homepage:
About Zimmermann:
Zimmermann Australian Fashion:

Marle Australia Fashion Manufacturer

Marle is a premium womenswear brand founded on everyday luxury and thoughtfully made in purely natural fibers and textiles. Marle is a women’s ready-to-wear brand founded in 2015 by designer Juliet Souter that reimagines luxury through the lens of timeless basics and a connection to nature. Each piece is inspired by the great, natural fibers synonymous with Marle and designed to be treasured beyond a single season. Marle designs are intended to be worn together and back to back – a concept based on responsible consumerism.

Marle Homepage:
About Marle:
Marle Australian Fashion:

Dissh Australia Fashion Manufacturer

Dissh Australia Fashion Manufacturer

DISSH is an Australian fashion company led and owned by women. The label is recognized for its feminine shapes, supported by an effortless sense of calm. Unravel designer luxury into sophisticated yet approachable items that represent their roots in Australia’s sunny state. DISSH combines the beauty and sustainability of natural fibers with bold, modern patterns to dress for life’s milestones and everyday occasions with ease and flair. The collections they create emerge with the seasons but become seasonless in your wardrobe due to meticulous consideration for the detail and durability of each piece.

Dissh Homepage:
About Dissh:
Dissh Australian Fashion:

Spell Australia Fashion Manufacturer

Spell’s recognizable songs meet at the crossroads of love, escapism, and rock & roll. Each garment is comfortable and stylish, ideal for a long lunch, farmers market run, music festival, or night of dancing. The spell is a global pioneer at the crossroads of environmental awareness and ethical fashion creation. Spell, ever considerate, has cultivated a global community of women and men who crave, acquire, and live in her now-iconic works.

Spell Homepage:
About Spell:
Spell Australian Fashion:

Dion Lee Australia Fashion Manufacturer

Dion Lee Australia Fashion Manufacturer

Dion Lee is a Sydney-based designer label founded in 2009 by its eponymous Creative Director. The company has pioneered a contemporary identity for Australian fashion by combining experimental construction with traditional tailoring. Dion Lee’s approach combines technicality with sophisticated sensuality. Each series combines creative construction with a sense of form. Textiles are used to create sculptural ornamentation. Architectural silhouettes are deconstructed to improve mobility, airflow, and light flow.

Dion Lee Homepage:
About Dion Lee:
Dion Lee Australian Fashion:

OCC Apparel Australia Fashion Manufacturer

OCC Apparel Australia Fashion Manufacturer

They are a committed team of experienced ethical, ecological, and organic branded garment production professionals founded in 2004. They are concerned with honest business, the environment, and ensuring that their fashion is world-class in fit, color, and quality, ethically accredited, competitively priced, and always accessible and kept in stock.

OCC Apparel Homepage:
About OCC Apparel:
OCC Apparel Australian Fashion:


Australian Fashion Manufacturers play an essential role in the country’s fashion sector, manufacturing a wide range of garments and accessories to suit a wide range of tastes and preferences. These companies are dedicated to excellent craft and ecologically responsible procedures, guaranteeing that their goods are not just trendy but also ethical and environmentally responsible.

You are investing not only in great items when you support Australian Fashion Manufacturers but also in local communities and ethical practices. So, whether you’re searching for a new outfit for a particular event or simply updating your wardrobe, consider purchasing from manufacturer Australia clothing to help the fashion industry.

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