Top 15 Shoe Dropshipping Suppliers of 2023

Leading Shoe Dropshipping Suppliers of 2023

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Explore our post for a reliable list of premier shoe dropshipping suppliers. We understand the importance of choosing the right partner providing crucial insights for success, whether you’re a novice or an experienced entrepreneur.

Leading Shoe Dropshipping Suppliers of 2023

Please navigate through our guide, packed with insightful analysis, to make informed decisions for your shoe dropshipping business. From crucial considerations to top suppliers, empower your venture for lasting success.

Top 15 Shoe Dropshipping Suppliers Quick View Table

Company Name Nation Year FoundedWebsite
WalmartUnited States1962
Worldwide BrandsUnited States1999
OrdoroUnited States2010
TargetUnited States1902
AmazonUnited States1994
eBayUnited States1995
SheinUnited States2012
Dropship ZoneAustralia2012
ModalystNew York2012

Leading Shoe Dropshipping Suppliers List



Nation: Arkansas, United States
Founder: Sam Walton
Founding Year: 1962

Walmart, one of the top dropshipping shoe supplier in USA, boasts a diverse range for all ages and genders. With reasonable prices, sellers can maximize profits, catering to local and international customers. Next-day delivery options enhance the appeal, particularly for dropshippers aiming to broaden their market reach.
Walmart’s price match guarantee ensures customers get the best deals, while a stringent supplier selection process guarantees reliability, reflected in the quality of footwear offered on the website. You can be confident with the quality of shoes they are selling.

Products and Services Offered:

  • Grocery
  • Clothing, Shoes and Accessories
  • Electronics
  • Home Furniture and Appliance


Nation: Debrecen, Hungary
Founder: Akos Gulyas
Founding Year: 2015

Syncee, a dedicated B2B dropshipping platform, prioritizes the seamless sourcing of products, particularly in shoe dropshipping. With a vast network of over 800 suppliers worldwide, including the US, Europe, Canada, Australia, and the UK, Syncee ensures a diverse and global inventory.
Syncee’s dashboard facilitates easy browsing and ordering of products. Offering a free plan, it allows for an unlimited number of monthly orders and the listing of 25 products, making it an accessible and efficient solution for shoe dropshipping across twelve integrated e-commerce platforms, such as Shopify, Wix, and Ecwid.

  • Products and Services Offered:
  • Automotive
  • Clothing
  • Beauty Products
  • Electronics



Nation: China
Founder: Mr. Still Zhu
Founding Year: 2014

Australian supply chain provider Wefulfil specializes in shoe dropshipping, offering comprehensive solutions for online retailers. Their expertise extends to seamless and personalized services in the virtual realm, ensuring hassle-free delivery, reliable sourcing, and excellent customer service for high-quality footwear.
Partner with Wefulfil to streamline your supply chain specifically for shoe dropshipping, facilitating the growth of your online retail business. They work to provide secure, fast, affordable, dropshipping services to their clients.

Products and Services Offered:

  • Beddings
  • Electronics
  • Home Organizer
  • Clothing



Nation: Canada
Founder: Saba Mohebpour
Founding Year: 2017

Spocket, a leading B2B online marketplace, facilitates seamless and efficient shoe dropshipping connections between European and US suppliers. While their product range spans various categories, including men’s clothing, toys, and tech accessories, Spocket’s primary focus is on providing a diverse and high-quality selection of footwear.
In addition to offering a broad range of products, Spocket stands out by enabling brand personalization, allowing you to add your logo and customized notes for a distinctive customer experience. The platform’s flexible return policies, ranging from no to 30-day returns, further enhance its appeal for e-commerce entrepreneurs in shoe dropshipping.

Products and Services Offered:

  • Men and Women’s Clothing Dropshipping
  • Tech and Accessories
  • Bags, Wallet and Jewelries
  • Automotive

Worldwide Brands

5.Worldwide Brands

Nation: Maitland, Florida
Founder: Chris Malta
Founding Year: 1999

Worldwide Brands, Inc., a leading dropshipping shoes suppliers advocate for equitable access to premium suppliers, strongly emphasizes facilitating shoe dropshipping for independent sellers. Since 1999, they’ve dedicated themselves to curating the BEST wholesale shoe dropshipping suppliers, continually updating their directory to empower online businesses.
Their commitment lies in ensuring members source directly from reliable wholesalers at the pinnacle of the supply chain. This mission significantly enhances the quality and success of online ventures engaged in shoe dropshipping.

Products and Services Offered:

  • Wholesaling
  • Dropshipping
  •  Wearhousing
  • Supplier Directory



Nation: Austin, Texas
Founder: Jagath Narayan
Founding Year: 2010

Ordoro, an Austin-based software company rooted in Texas, offers a robust suite tailored for companies specializing in shoe dropshipping. With a focus on custom men’s footwear, Ordoro provides feature-rich services encompassing dropshipping, multi-carrier shipping, and inventory management.
As a trusted supplier in the realm of shoe dropshipping, Ordoro ensures meticulous handling of products in transit, fostering customer satisfaction and establishing a reliable partnership for businesses dealing in custom men’s shoe dropshipping.

Products and Services Offered:

  • Dropshipping
  • Shipping and Order Mangaement
  • Inventory Management
  • Made to Order



Nation: Minneapolis
Founder: George Dayton
Founding Year: 1902

Being one of the largest US retailers, Target stands out as a premier dropshipping shoe supplier. Their extensive range covers men, women, and kids, including accessories, offering a diverse selection under the Clothing, Shoes & Accessories section.
With 45 private labels, Target ensures a comprehensive range to meet varied customer needs. Adding to its appeal, Target provides a two-day shipping option for orders exceeding $35, and some shoes even qualify for same-day delivery, enhancing the overall customer experience and making it a lucrative choice for dropshippers.

Products and Services Offered:

  • Furniture
  • Clothing, Shoes, and Accessories
  • Grocery
  • Electronics

Brands Distribution

8.Brands Distribution

Nation: US
Founder: Carlo Tafuri
Founding Year: 2006

BrandsDistribution, an EU-based supplier, offers global shipping for its extensive range of shoes. Ideal for dropshipping, you can leverage their services on popular online marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay or seamlessly integrate with your dropshipping store on WooCommerce or PrestaShop. BrandsDistribution goes a step further with its exclusive “Be The Only One” service, allowing you to exclusively sell one or more brands from their catalog in your country. This unique opportunity is available to those with a well-established e-commerce presence, providing your customers with a tailored and exclusive experience.

Products and Services Offered:

  • Bags
  • Accessories
  • Clothing
  • Shoes

Paul Parkman

9.Paul Parkman

Nation: California
Founder: Paul Parkman
Founding Year: 2013

Paul Parkman, a US-based manufacturer and supplier, specializes in crafting elegant leather shoes for men, including loafers and Oxford shoes. Their footwear is meticulously handmade in limited numbers, emphasizing quality and exclusivity. Each creation undergoes obsessive research on leathers, materials, and details, reflecting a commitment to craftsmanship. Paul Parkman offers a dropshipping service, allowing businesses to integrate and showcase their meticulously handcrafted shoes seamlessly. Elevate your men’s footwear offerings with Paul Parkman’s distinctive and limited-edition collections, epitomizing handmade luxury and attention to detail.

Products and Services Offered:

  • Oxfords
  • Derby
  • Loafers
  • Casual and Boots



Nation: Seattle, Washington, U.S
Founder: James Sinegal and Jeffrey Brotman
Founding Year: 1997

Initially not synonymous with dropshipping shoes, Costco has evolved to become a top supplier in the market. Despite not boasting the extensive selection of dedicated shoe retailers, Costco’s footwear catalog now positions it as a formidable dropshipping option.
The shoes, spanning men, women, and children, are noted for their high quality. Costco’s commitment to affordability further enhances its appeal as a dropshipping supplier, offering the opportunity to provide customers with reasonably priced, quality footwear through this expanding and unexpected source.

Products and Services Offered:

  • Appliances and Furniture
  • Clothing, Shoes, and Accessories
  • Grocery and Household Essentials
  • Health and Personal Care Products



Nation: Los Angeles
Founder: Chris Jiashu Xu
Founding Year: 2012

Shein, a renowned online fashion retailer, presents a diverse shoe catalog encompassing sneakers, boots, sandals, flats, and more. Catering to men, women, and children, Shein stands out for its trendy and affordable footwear selection.
The company’s quick turnaround time ensures fast order deliveries. With competitive pricing, Shein empowers dropshippers to set flexible prices, fostering higher profit margins and making it a compelling choice for those seeking a fashion-forward dropshipping supplier in the shoe market.

Products and Services Offered:

  • Fashion
  • Electronics
  • Tools and Home Improvement
  • Appliances

Dropship Zone

12.Dropship Zone

Nation: Melbourne Australia
Founder: Cecilia Chiu
Founding Year: 2012

Dropshipzone emerges as Australia’s premier destination for shoe dropshipping, specializing in all kinds of footwear. Founded in Melbourne in 2012 by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, Dropshipzone pioneered introducing the dropship model to Australia, setting the standard for online retailers.
Evolving into an ecosystem that seamlessly connects Australian suppliers, retailers, and consumers, Dropshipzone revolutionizes business ownership through innovative technologies. Their commitment to redefining e-commerce possibilities and catalyzing the emergence of new business categories establishes them as a driving force in the shoe dropshipping landscape.

Products and Services Offered:

  • Auto Accessories
  • Clothing
  • Electronics
  • Health and Beauty



Nation: US
Founder: Unknown
Founding Year: 1980

Founded on a passion for footwear, FootwearUS is a distinguished online destination offering a curated selection of premium shoes for every style and occasion. Their journey began with a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, evolving into a hub for fashion-forward individuals seeking comfort and style.
With a keen eye for trends and a dedication to providing top-notch service, they’ve become a trusted name in the footwear industry. Explore our diverse range and experience the perfect blend of fashion and comfort at FootwearUS.

Products and Services Offered:

  • Shoes
  • Boots
  • Uniforms



Nation: Sweden
Founder: Michael Tekin
Founding Year: 2017

BrandsGateway, an Estonia-based wholesale vendor, focuses on shoe dropshipping, specializing in luxury fashion items for men and women. They ensure swift delivery options, operating from global warehouses in the US, Germany, and Italy. Partnering with over 100 prestigious luxury brands, BrandsGateway boasts a portfolio of 9000+ products across various categories.
Recognized for high-ticket drop shipping, featuring iconic brands like Dolce & Gabbana and Gucci, they stand out with EU orders arriving in one to three days and international rankings in five to seven days—positioning BrandsGateway as a top choice for luxury fashion dropshippers with a focus on shoes.

Products and Services Offered:

  • Clothing
  • Shoes
  • Bags and Accessories
  • Jewelry and Watches



Nation: New York
Founder: Jill Sherman
Founding Year: 2012

Modalyst stands out as a premier platform for shoe dropshipping, specializing in all types of footwear and providing access to cost-effective products from global suppliers. Distinguished by its flexibility, Modalyst allows customization of designs on various items, from apparel to accessories, without imposing minimum order quantities.
As the official dropshipping partner of AliExpress, Modalyst streamlines the integration process, offering seamless access to an extensive shoe product catalog. With efficient order management through the Modalyst interface, it is instrumental in elevating online retailers’ shoe drop shipping experience.

Products and Services Offered:

  • Clothing
  • Tech and Accessories
  • Bags and Jewelries
  • Cosmetic and Beauty Products

Understanding More About Shoe Dropshipping

shoes supplier

Shoe dropshipping suppliers act as intermediaries between retailers and manufacturers, offering a convenient business model where retailers can sell shoes without holding inventory. To find reliable shoe dropshipping suppliers, you can start by researching and reaching out to reputable wholesalers or manufacturers.

In this setup, retailers only purchase products once they’ve made a sale, and the supplier handles packaging and shipping directly to the customer. This minimizes upfront costs and storage concerns for the retailer.

The niche’s importance lies in its ability to quickly empower entrepreneurs to enter the footwear market, tapping into a lucrative industry without the complexities of traditional retail. It fosters flexibility, allowing businesses to focus on marketing and customer experience rather than inventory management.

Factors to Consider in Choosing Shoe Dropshipping Suppliers



Ensure the supplier has a solid track record of delivering quality products on time, as reliability is crucial for customer satisfaction and the success of your dropshipping business.

Product Quality

Opt for suppliers with a reputation for high-quality shoes, as this directly impacts customer satisfaction and your brand’s credibility in the competitive footwear market.

Pricing Structure

Evaluate the supplier’s pricing to ensure it aligns with your business model, considering factors like wholesale prices, shipping costs, and potential discounts for bulk orders to maximize your profit margins.

Shipping Times

Fast and reliable shipping is essential for customer retention, so choose a supplier with reasonable shipping times to meet customer expectations and reduce the likelihood of negative reviews.


Effective communication is vital. Choose a supplier that responds promptly to inquiries, provides transparent information about products and policies, and can address issues swiftly to maintain a positive business relationship.

Product Variety

Select a supplier with diverse shoe styles and sizes to cater to different customer preferences. A varied product catalog can help you attract a wider audience and increase sales opportunities.


In conclusion, navigating the world of shoe dropshipping requires a strategic partnership with reliable suppliers. The top 15 suppliers highlighted in the article offer a diverse array of quality footwear, presenting entrepreneurs with exciting opportunities.

Understanding the nuances of dropshipping, such as its role in minimizing upfront costs and streamlining inventory management, is crucial for success in this niche. The outlined factors to consider, including reliability, product quality, and effective communication, serve as a guide for entrepreneurs seeking the right partnerships.

As the footwear dropshipping market continues to thrive, selecting the right partner and a shoe dropshipping supplier becomes a pivotal decision, influencing both customer satisfaction and the overall success of your business.

Mr. Still Zhu
Mr. Still Zhu

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