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Stats show that dropshipping accounts for 23% of all online sales, and over 30% of eCommerce stores utilize dropshipping for order fulfillment.

While it is less than a quarter of total sales, it is a significant fraction considering that many people still prefer going to the physical store to buy.

The dropshipping market is expected to grow further, reaching $201 billion in 2024 and $1,253 billion by 2030.

So, if you are considering starting a dropshipping business, you’re just in time!

You can also become a part of this giant landscape without investing a massive capital to source and purchase products; contact vendors from China directly or connect to a fulfillment company like Wefulfil to do it for you.

Wefulfil provides dropshipping and logistic services for businesses around the world. We offer a seamless link between countries so local sellers can get products from Chinese suppliers conveniently.

But did you know that Wefulfil also has a product offering service?

Wefulfil brings your dropshipping business to life with a diverse range of products tailored for success. We find the right products for your business after tough research and market analysis. You can easily add the products to your store and start selling right away!

Today, we’re excited to showcase what we offer and how these offerings can elevate your online store.

What Are We Offering?

Wefulfil offers a wide range of products for general and niche stores. Whether you’re looking for the latest devices, trendy kitchen gadgets, or fancy lights to add to your store, we’ve got you covered!

From cozy home and living essentials to innovative electronics and everything in between, our product categories are designed to meet the needs of your diverse customer base. You can find numerous products in the following categories at Wefulfil:

  • Home and Living
  • Pets
  • Outdoor and Camping
  • Garden
  • Lighting
  • Kitchen Supply
  • Bathroom
  • Travel
  • Electronics

How Wefulfil is Better than Other Dropshipping Companies?

Dropshipping is apparently a simple process: find a few products, look for vendors, add listings, fulfill orders, and enjoy the sales.

But is it really that simple?

While everything looks quite straightforward on the surface, it needs detailed insights and research to find the right products to beat the competition. Similarly, ensuring you select a reliable vendor is another important element of dropshipping. Furthermore, providing swift delivery to the customer is critical. However, this might not always go how you anticipate, especially when you’re new to this.

Wefulfil not only makes it easy with our fulfillment and 3PL options but also facilitates you with product offerings. Unlike other dropshipping companies, we do not only ease dropshipping directly from the Chinese vendor; instead, there’s something even better!

Wefulfil brings the products from China and stores them in our Australian warehouses as local stock to ensure faster delivery and higher customer satisfaction. Usually, products dispatched from China to Australia arrive in around two weeks through standard delivery. Our products from Wefulfil warehouses reach the customers in Australia within 3 to 7 days.

Doesn’t that sound great!

Besides Australian stock, we are trying to bring more exciting products from China which can be delivered within 10 working days. This is a great opportunity for dropshippers running their niche business store to expand their product range. Moreover, we aim to provide delivery protections if the order is not delivered on time and make ways to offer prices similar to Temu.

What Do You Need to Do?

Benefiting from Wefulfil’s product offerings is as easy as any other e-commerce platform like CJDropshipping or AliExpress – or simpler!

Just get your product integrated with Wefulfil by going to the product page and finding the product you want to list in your store. Voila, you can sell them in just one click. Plus, no upfront cost is needed.

Here’s how you can easily add products to your store and start selling:

  1. Find the product and add it to “Import List.”
  2. Change the selling price per choice and import to your store.
  3. Fulfill the orders and enjoy the sales.

Our system now supports 3 platforms to help you achieve seamless integration with us, including:

  • Shopify
  • Woocommerce
  • API


If you have been looking for a simple way to add new products to your store while skipping the tedious research process, Wefulfil’s product offerings make it incredibly easy. You can choose from multiple categories like gardening, lighting, home and living, pets, bathroom, travel, electronics, kitchen supply, electronics, and outdoor and camping. All you need to do is integrate your product with Wefulfil. Go to the product page, find the product you want to list on your store and select “Import List.” Then, change the product’s price to your choice and start selling.


Why should I choose Wefulfil product offering?

Our experts at Wefulfil research thoroughly and study competitors to find the best products in the market. It lets you pick your favorites from the list and add them to your store. The best part is that the product lists also cover a wide range of niche products like bathroom, travel, kitchen, electronics, etc.

How much time does it take to add products to store?

Adding products to your store via CSV files can be time and effort taking, but Wefulfil product offerings can be added to your e-commerce store in two steps only:

  1. Find the product and add it to “Import List.”
  2. Change the selling price per choice and import to your store.

Can I get customized labeling?

Wefulfil’s dropshipping services include everything from product research to warehousing and fulfillment, including customized labeling. We make sure that the customer receives the product with your brand name and logo.

How does Wefulfil manage shipment?

Wefulfil brings the stock from China to Australia for fast shipping to local Australian buyers. Moreover, the system provides Late Dispatching Email Reminder for orders not dispatched over 72 hours and Late Delivery Email Reminder for any overdue orders. With Wefulfil, you stay updated throughout the process, including delayed deliveries and returned orders.

Get in touch with our experts for further insights or visit Wefulfil Australia to get started without any upfront payment!

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